Spanish Camp

Camp Schedule. Click image to go to  Camp Schedule  by date.

Camp Schedule. Click image to go to Camp Schedule by date.

There are over 400 million Spanish speakers world-wide and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. Whether you’re just starting to learn Spanish or you’re proficient and appreciate the value of real-world interaction to develop your Spanish speaking skills, Immersion Island’s full immersion environment is the perfect place for anyone interested in learning more about the language and cultures of the spanish-speaking countries.

On La Isla de Inmersión, your child will enjoy all the fun a summer camp has to offer while speaking Spanish. We run our camps (day, overnight and hybrid) entirely in Spanish because it's how we learn a new language the best. This makes learning faster as it places your child in real-life situations and they spend the day living as if they actually were in enjoying the sun in Cozumel or hiking the Sierra de la Laguna. (A little fun, some adventure and all in Spanish.) During your stay on La Isla de Inmersión, we ask all campers to sign our Camper Contract stating you will try your best to speak Spanish and participate in a positive manner!

Each day begins with a theme based on different Spanish speaking countries such as: Colombia, Argentina, Perú, España and México. Presentations, activities, craft, games, songs, conversation, and meals will be in Spanish and revolve around the culture of each day’s theme. From morning until lights out, you’ll be fully immersed in Spanish language and culture.

Daily activities include:

  • Arts and crafts with hands-on activities taught in Spanish;

  • Outdoor games taught in Spanish;

  • Pool time;

  • Conversation activities including groups and role play; 

  • Regional dishes at mealtime;

  • Camp songs and Latin dancing;

  • Exploring the outdoors; and 

  • much, much more...