Immersion Island Delights Campers with Their "Signature" Cuisine!

Immersion Island's cuisine

Campers are pleasantly surprised when they realize our food is no ordinary camp food!

On Immersion Island, we cook and prepare our own food and our campers love it!  We make the food culturally relevant to the theme or location we are “visiting” for that day. During our Spanish and French “Around the World” theme, dishes may range from arroz y frijoles negros con yuca frita from the Caribbean  to quiche or croque monsieur in Paris. Other favorites include empanadaspan de queso, arroz con leche, tortilla española and poutineWe also enjoy a healthy variety of fresh fruits, breads, ham and cheeses during our breakfast buffet every morning for our overnight campers including some traditional surprises like Nutella for your fruit or bread and Mexican pan dulce, again, depending on “where we are” or what we are celebrating!

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Before campers eat, one group prepares to present and talk about what foods we are going to eat, while others set the table.  We sit down at a formally set table twice a day and converse with other campers and counselors while practicing our table manners in Spanish and French! Because we cook our own food we also can accommodate special dietary needs for those in need. We encourage campers to try everything and most campers leave with new favorite foods to look for during their travels and/or they try to make them at home.

Enjoy the pictures above of a few of our specialties – Buen provecho! Bon appétit!    And see our blog post here for the recipe for our famous TRES LECHES CAKE!